Montero- Aloha

Animated on 1,773 individual paper frames

Paul Cherry- Changing Times

A look into the channel 69 Action news team's everyday life.

Shot on 16mm film, a mixture of stop motion and live action.

Lounge FM- Drugzzz

digital and film animations- a look into an orange friends life in space and far far beyond

Paul Cherry- Your Letter

Animated with Plasticine clay, paper, bass wood, 35 mm film, and digital frames

Modern Nomad- If I Knew

A combination of aerial footage, super 8 film shot in st Petersburg, and rotoscope animations

Modern Nomad- The Day

Fully animated on 1,039 individual frames of 35mm

(Official 2018 selection for Ann Arbor Film Festival

and Minneapolis international film fest)

Reagan Cats- Whats on Her Mind

Shot on Super 8 Film

Animations done on 35mm

Racer- Thunder Club

Scratched emulsion of

16mm film + cell by cell drawing

additional animations done on 120mm film 

Divino Niño - Flamingo

A short look into a sad flamingo's quest for happiness- animated on hand drawn digital frames and 190 frames of paper